About Us

Who We Are

Fresh planet is a subsidiary of NCC

Fresh Planet had been launched on beginning of 2020. It’s based in Kizad Abu Dhabi, UAE highlighting the pride of being a New Business of National Catering Company Limited WLL, with its sub locations dispersed across the country.

It was not merely established to be a leading supplier of Fruits and vegetables, but also aims a handshake for a long-term partnership in running Catering Operations, Retail & Wholesale industry, Food Production, Staff Accommodation and likewise businesses all over the country.

With its wide, spacious warehouse stores, multiple delivery trucks and vans, high quality fresh products from organic farm resources, and well-trained employees dedicated to providing outstanding customer services to our clients, are the core competency of our fast-growing industry. Moreover, Fresh Planet is secured to have an unwavering support of its management, and trust of its business partners. Capable to expand more, and ensuring that the bulk quantity requirements are substantially supplied, an unforeseen urgent orders are promptly responded, and that the positive spirit of Fresh Planet team is willing to customize and go beyond for the satisfaction of our clients and business partners for their healthier living

Eat Fresh ,Live Healthy

The meaning of our slogan

Leveraging the largest volume of its standard farm organic resources, your company will surely increase your profits by reducing the cost without affecting the quality of your products and services. And that can possibly be done with the expertise of planning, outsourcing, warehousing, and logistics of our Fresh Planet Team. 

Increasing the basket value of your Fruits and Vegetables will dramatically increase the numbers of your customers that may attract more investments and businesses in you.

We guarantee you the full support in return of the confidence you entrust in us.

What We Do

Universal fresh food supply

UAE is resided with multi-nationals having different preferences, tastes and looking for quality brand of their own origin. And for that, Fresh Planet manages to outsource as Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and South Asia.

Fruits and Vegetables imports from 30 countries internationally to meet the general market needs and delivering it.

High end products were also made available to sustain the requirements of our Palace Customers on daily basis and Government Sectors for catering on their special occasions.

Health & Safety

We take care of you

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