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Bundle Box

Bundle Box is a special offer from fresh planet which is tailored to meet the customers choice.


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Fresh & Healthy Products

Our Products are grown, transported, packaged, sold and prepared with the utmost care. We provide traditional high-quality farm picked fruits and vegetables whether they are  pre-packed or in the form of freshly squeezed juices! 




Whereto find us

Our Fresh Products are available at all Souq Planet & YUM Branches. 


Head Office 

KIZAD, A8, Abu Dhabi 

Abela Khalidiya

Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi Coop

- Tourist Club Area

- Al Zahiyah

- Mina Center

- Muroor St. MZ Shopping Center

- Khalidiya

- Khalifa Street

- Hamdan Street



- Al Zahiyah 

- Electra

- Khalidiya

- Al Grayyeh 

- Hamdan Street

- Reem Island